Wednesday (Miercoles) 7th July, 2010
Day 481

Huachaco, Peru
Huachaco, Peru
Miles: 47,929
S 08.07298°
W 79.11841°

This morning we visited one of the local archeological sites named Huaca de la Luna. This large temple made from (140,000,000) adobe bricks was constructed by the Moche people between 0 and 600 AD. The structure is in fact 6 different buildings built over successive 100 year periods. Each new building was constructed to cover its predecessor. So that the current structure is like one of those Russian dolls - peel one layer and find another inside.

The bricks used to make the structure were paid by the local population as a tax. Each brick is marked so that the provider could keep track of how many they had provided.

At the site we saw a couple of hairless dogs. Apparently these animals have slightly higher body temperatures than normal dogs and have been used since ancient times as bed warners for elderly people with arthritis.

We also visited the local Mall and indulged in a McDonald's quarter pounder meal. Even though we knew of the mall, having visited it, on our southward journey; we were still more than a little surprised to find such a modern up market mall in what otherwise seems like a pretty down market town. Today the food court was pretty busy. The management had installed a 25' TV screen which was playing the world cup match between Spain and Germany.