Thursday (Jueves) 15th July, 2010
Day 489

Alausi, Ecuador
Alausi, Ecuador
Miles: 48,766
S 02.22788°
W 78.84943°

The road North from Cuenca seemed generally to be in better condition than we recalled from last year. There were lengthy section of new concrete that last year were under construction. Just to keep us alert, though, there were still the occasional patches where the concrete was missing and the road surface dropped 6 inches into gravel and rock.

About 50 km from Cuenca we called into the Ingapirca archeological site. This is reputedly the best Inca site in Ecuador, but frankly it is not a patch on the Peruvian sites. Its one claim to fame is the Temple del sol, the main feature of the site. This is a raised platform in the shape of an oval. The only known Inca site that uses that particular geometric shape. All the others that have been found are square or rectangular.

We investigated staying the night at a local hotel/hospedaje, but at $85 per double we concluded it was too expensive.

Back on the road north we were soon enveloped in cloud/mist - an unnecessary reminder of last years drive south along this road when we traveled for hours without being able to see anything - though todays mist was not a complete white-out.

Today we have again been struck by the how large some of the country houses are that we have passed, also the construction methods used. Today we saw a house under construction that would have easily been over 4000 square feet and was built entirely of concrete, even the roof.

With the light failing we found a cramped spot off the road to spend the night. We needed the 4x4 capability of the Tiger to get into the spot.


We found a narrow track leaving the highway and followed it up onto a flat spot among some corn plants. It was an ok place for the night.