Sunday (Domingo) 18th July, 2010
Day 492

Papallacta, Ecuador
Papallacta, Ecuador
Miles: 49,104
S 00.36208°
W 78.14953°

This morning we traveled a twisting mountain road through cloud forest to the thermal baths in the town of Papallacta. The cloud made visibility poor which when combined with a number of serious rock falls and landslides, caused by recent rains, made for slow but sometimes exciting driving. Of course the locals do not slow down in such conditions.

The Papallacta baths and spa area was crowded, we had difficulty getting a parking spot. What a difference a weekend makes. The last time we were here there were only a few vehicles.

We spent the afternoon getting a spa treatment each and soaking in the hot pools. By about 6:00pm most other visitors had departed and we settled in for a quiet night, camped in the parking lot.