Tuesday (Martes) 20th July, 2010
Day 494

Quito, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador
Miles: 49,149
S 00.20023°
W 78.48678°

We spent the day on chores like washing and walked to and from the vehicle a couple of times. On one visit to the parking lot we got talking to a man named Fernando - he is a Colombian living in Ecuador and has traveled by RV in the US. We spent some time chatting and then he suggested that he and his family could come back to see the Tiger after work.

We met up with Fernando, wife Pati, and daughter Emilia about 5:30. We spent a pleasant evening with them at first standing in the parking lot talking and later at a local restaurant that had a wonderful view of Quito.

It seems that Ecuadorians as well as Australian travelers have difficulty understanding how seasons should work when one lives on the equator. As best we could work out from the evenings conversations the cities in the mountains of Ecuador (like Quito) are now operating as if it is summer (for example schools are on vacation) whereas the cities on the coast like Guyaquil treat it as winter and have school long vacation in Jan/Feb - confused; so are we.