Friday (Viernes) 23rd July, 2010
Day 497

Otavalo, Ecuador
Otavalo, Ecuador
Miles: 49,230
N 00.21868°
W 78.27675°

Today was souvenir day. Nina has been telling me for months of the list of items she was going to buy when she got to Otavalo. She had concluded long ago that Otavalo has the best quality and best prices of any place we have seen in South America for llama wool goods.

However before I let her loose in the market we had a small chore to do on the vehicle. I wanted a cover for the propane tank. My hope was that the cover will prevent shipping officials asking about how much propane is in the tank. We found a local metal fabrication shop that made such a cover, 1 hour and $20.

Then it was shopping time. I found some lunch and waited near one of the plazas while Nina shopped. She eventually returned with 3 large bags of goodies. She seemed pleased with what she had purchased but I got the impression that there were still a few unchecked things on the list. Tomorrow will tell for sure.

Back at the campground, a child named Justin appeared on our door step. As we discovered later he is the son of the house maid. He was quite a ball of energy and spent a couple of hours with us experimenting with every electronic gadget we own as well as finding all our sweets and cookies.