Saturday (Sabado) 24th July, 2010
Day 498

Otavalo, Ecuador
Otavalo, Ecuador
Miles: 49,266
N 00.21868°
W 78.27675°

A little more shopping today. The excuse was that we needed another nylon bag in which to pack all the things bought yesterday; but once in the market area more woven goods soon started piling up. Nina also took the opportunity to take a few more photos of the local women in the traditional dress. It's quite different to Peruvian clothing. Head ware is typically some form of cloth wrapped around the head, the dress is a long narrow skirt. Babies are still carried on the back but here the cloth wrapping them is white not a multi colored stripe.

After the market visit we drove the 20 miles to Ibarra to have the Tiger washed. When last here we found a place that did a good under chassis wash - and that's what we wanted, and that's what we got. All the mud from Bolivia and the mountains of Peru was blasted off. Back at camp we finished off the exercise with some gasoline on the tar spots and polish on the water and fuel stains. The Tiger has not looked this clean since we left home.

Late in the afternoon we had a long enjoyable chat and some beer with Dennis - we discussed all the problems of the world but solved none of them.