Sunday (Domingo) 25th July, 2010
Day 499

Tulcan, Ecuador
Tulcan, Ecuador
Miles: 49,363
N 00.77630°
W 77.74173°

Tulcan, the Ecuadorian town just south of the Colombian border, was our destination for today. From here we could get an early start on tomorrows border crossing (and search for Colombian vehicle insurance). Also, the guide book told us, the town cemetery was worth a look - and it was right. The cemetery was enormous, covering many acres of ground. The cemetery had normal graves, large and ostentatious mausoleums, and multi-tiered walls with small alcoves in which remains where placed - it was hard to conceive that this small city could need a cemetery this large . However the most amazing feature of the cemetery were the many large (up to 20 feet high) topiary trees carved into animal shapes. There were dozens of them. Maintenance of these trees must have kept a small army of workers busy. Also we happened to be there on a Sunday and the place was teeming with people paying their respects, placing flowers and generally enjoying a day out.

The odometer clicked over the 60,000 mile mark today. I guess the Tiger is no longer a new vehicle.


At the southern entrance to the town of Tulcan where the road forks the right fork going to the border and the left into the center of Tulcan is a gas station. We parked there for the night.

Note - the next morning they would not sell us fuel. I never did entirely understand but I think it had something to do with the fact that we were headed for the border and were tourists. Be warned, don't arrive here traveling north expecting to get fuel.