Wednesday (Miercoles) 28th July, 2010
Day 502

Hacienda Bambusa, Colombia
Hacienda Bambusa, Colombia
Miles: 49,810
N 04.39926°
W 75.77528°

Today was only a shortish drive north to Hacienda Bambusa. Finding the place was a good deal easier this time. Firstly because we knew the way, but also the directions are less complicated coming from the south.

After negotiating those same narrow country roads and the track through the banana plantation we arrived at the neatly manicured property. This time the owner Santiago was at home, and there were a few guests. We settled in, did the washing, had showers, and generally enjoyed a nice afternoon in pleasant surroundings. We had not really appreciated last year how nicely finished and 1st world the place is.