Thursday (Jueves) 29th July, 2010
Day 503

Hacienda Bambusa, Colombia
Hacienda Bambusa, Colombia
Miles: 49,810
N 04.39926°
W 75.77528°

We spent a pleasant day on the porch of the Hacienda doing accounting work. I took the opportunity to update my fuel consumption log which I have not done for many months. I discovered that we have averaged 13.5 mpg, paid an average of US$3.08 per gallon, and bought 3640 gallons of fuel.

We also started revamping the spreadsheet in which Nina keeps track of all of our expenses; this task has a few more days work left.

As well as all this computer work we walked around the property watching, and being watched by, the Brahman cattle, and took some more photos of the many humming birds.