Tuesday (Martes) 3nd August, 2010
Day 508

Aguachica, Colombia
Aguachica, Colombia
Miles: 50,456
N 08.30199°
W 73.59821°

Much of the morning was spent winding through jungle covered mountains on a narrow two lane black top. The 40 km from our gas station stopping place into Bucaramanga passed through the gorge of the Rio Chicamucha and then up and over a small mountain range. It was slow as there was a lot of heavy vehicle traffic. From Bucaramanga the mountains continued for 100 km before the country opened up into wet jungle lowland with rolling hills.

There was not much to see today other than the lush vegetation, lots of cattle (Brahman), lots and lots of trucks, and periodically a small village that lived by servicing the local farms and passing truck traffic.

I hope the beaches at Santa Marta are worth this drive.


We started looking for a stopping place early today. There was not much today, except drive and we did not want to cover any more ground. We found a 24 hour restaurant with swimming pool just south of the town of Aguachica that would let us park for the night. We spent the afternoon reading, having a few beers, a short swim and eventually dinner.