Thursday (Jueves) 5th August, 2010
Day 510

NP Tayrona, Colombia
NP Tayrona , Colombia
Miles: 50,698
N 11.31556°
W 74.08010°

As soon as the park gate was open at 8:00 we travelled the few miles to Gayraca beach. The road was in even worse condition than the one we traveled last night and at the rate it is deteriorating it will be non-existent in a few years.

We parked under some low trees near a primitive picnic shelter that also served as a restaurant and spent a few hours swimming and trying to find a breeze to provide some relief from the heat and humidity. The spot was pretty with beautiful blue water, green steep hills and a clear sky.

Around lunch time we moved on, farther down that same road to Playa San Neguarge; another beach where we thought we would spend the night. There were 10 buses and a number of cars parked under trees when we arrived, a number of thatched picnic shelters, some vendors selling drinks and food, and another small contingent of soldiers guarding the place. But only a few people on the beach. We wondered what the buses were for, with so few people. We eventually discovered. This beach is the place from which people take small boats to other beaches that are not accessible by road. As the afternoon came to a close those visitors returned in the same small boats, got into buses and departed. By 5:30 we were the only visitors remaining. For company we had the 3 soldiers, a family (group?) that seemed to live there permanently, and the usual pack of dogs. As the sun set the breeze dropped and the mosquitos made an appearance. It became clear that despite the idyllic look of the place, this was not a place we would hang out for a few days to kill time.


San Neguarge beach. While this place does not officially have a zona de camping - at least according to the map at the park entrance gate - no one seemed to mind that we stayed the night. One of the soldiers we talked to said it was ok. Facilities were limited - toilets were available for a small fee and we saw no water supply.