Monday (Lunes) 23rd August, 2010
Day 535

Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
Miles: 50,853
N 05.64853°
W 73.51888°

Nina's take on our last evening in South America

We had a lovely dinner and more pisco sours at Old Cartagena at one of the 5 star hotels last night.

We sat outside in the warmth and various guitarists came to seranade us. Horses pulling carriages of tourists patted along the cobbled stones past the restaurant and our table.

Under the full moon we then strolled down a few terraced streets past some nice clothing and souvenir shops and merchants selling their wares on the curb and found our own horse and buggy to take us out of the walled city to our hotel in the new town about 2 miles away.

From the traffic free streets of old town (motor vehicles are restricted) to the chaos of normal traffic the horse ignored it all and trotted calmly along. A great night and farewell to South America.

Not much to say about today. We picked up the final Bill of Lading - the main document we need to get our vehicle in Panama - from the shipping agent, had Pisco sours and pizza for dinner at the only 5 star hotel in Cartagena.

In the absence of any interesting narrative I hope the following images give you a sense of out time in Cartagena.