Tuesday (Martes) 24th August, 2010
Day 536

Canal Inn, Panama
Canal Inn, Panama
Miles: 50,912
N 08.94645°
W 79.56058°

It is amazing how a one hour plane ride can take up the entire day!!

Pack, then checkout at 13:00, board the plane at 16:59 and arrive in Panama at 18:00. that was our day.

Panama put on a grand rain storm for us, rain so heavy we could not see the road - but we did not have to as we were in a Taxi.


We stayed at the Canal Inn in La Boca, Balboa. The same hotel as last year. It is a nice boutique place and has a small but adequate parking area out front for the Tiger (once we get it) - website is www.canal-inn.com.


We recently heard about another place in Panama that may be useful to folks looking for a place to stay and assiatance with shipping. The website is panamapassage.com