Friday (Viernes) 27th August, 2010
Day 532

Santa Clara, Panama
Santa Clara, Panama
Miles: 50,987
N 08.38878°
W 80.11033°

Last night I downloaded renditions of the song On the Road Again by - Willie Nelson, The Loving Spoonful, Canned Heat, Bob Dylan and Tom Rush. We had them playing this morning as we drove across the Bridge of the Americas and out of Panama City. It is good to be back in the Tiger and moving again. Three weeks waiting in hotels is too much.

We had only a short drive today - about 100 km - to an RV park we had heard of near Santa Clara beach. The road was 4 lane divided highway and though a bit bumpy in places was generally in good condition. It was a gentle re-introduction to the role of driver for me.

We found the RV park with no trouble, walked to the local beach, and cooled off in the RV park pool afterwards. There are a number of people staying in Cabins at the RV park, Americans, British, and Canadians - all retirees or their families. It's the first time in a year that we have been in a group where English was the first language. It sounded really strange.


XSMemories RV park. Situated at the turnoff to Santa Clara beach. The beach is south, to the left, and the RV park is in the other direction about 100 yards from the highway. It's a nice place - pool, electricity (that allowed us to run our air conditioner for the first time in over a year), water, sewerage dump, wifi, bar and restaurant.

This would be a good place to kill time while waiting for a boat to South America. Had we known about it we could have spent some time here on our way south last year rather than sweltering at the fire station in Balboa.