Saturday (Sabado) 28th August, 2010
Day 533

Santa Clara, Panama
Santa Clara, Panama
Miles: 50,987
N 08.38878°
W 80.11033°

We heard last night that there would be a young dance group performing at the RV park tonight so we decided to stay another night. To fill in the day we drove to a nearby town named El Valle situated in the cone of an extinct volcano. From the highway a minor road wound up into the hills for about 30 km climbing 2000 ft through lush green country. We spent some time walking a jungle trail to a nice waterfall and had coffee at a shop that advertised gourmet coffee - it was good.

We returned via a nearby supermarket and mall and were delighted to take advantage of the wide range of good food available in the supermarket.

Back at the RV park we dined at the parks restaurant while waiting for the dancing to start. The group consisted of 7 young couples ranging in age from 5 to 12. The group performed in two brackets for about an hour - the dancing was pretty good, with enthusiasm and broad smiles easily making up for any lack of technique. At the end of the performance the dancers got the audience up onto the dance floor.