Sunday (Domingo) 29th August, 2010
Day 534

Dolega, Panama
Dolega, Panama
Miles: 50,987
N 08.38878°
W 80.11033°

It seems strange to me that one crosses Panama by traveling west. The US is supposed to be North!!

Today was a travel day with out goal being the town of David (pronounced Dah-veed) and the near by village of Dolega where Chiriqui Storage is supposed to accommodate RVs.

Todays drive was pleasant. The road in good condition, flat, the scenery tropical and traffic light and by South American standards well behaved.

We arrived in David about 4:00 and found the turn towards Boquete and half an hour later were parked at Chiriqui Storage. The caretakers wife and daughters did not speak English and our limited Spanish had no success explaining what we wanted. Eventually they got the owner Helmut on the phone and we got organized for the night. The next morning talking to Helmut we would discover that while a number of RV's and RV groups had threatened (promised) to stop by and stay at the place we were in fact the first RV's to use the place. We were pleased to discover that the electricity would run our air conditioner and that the roof over the storage containers provided a good shelter from the heavy afternoon rain storm.


Chiriqui Storage just north of Dolega. Their website is At the moment it's just a place to park, get water and hookup to electricity (and run the A/C)and use wifi. There is a possibility that additional facilities will be developed if more campers make use of it.