Monday (Lunes) 30th August, 2010
Day 535

Dolega, Panama
Dolega, Panama
Miles: 50,987
N 08.38878°
W 80.11033°

In addition to some chores in nearby David we spent a much of the day exploring Bouquete. This town is famous as a retirement place for all manner of foreigners. Apparently some years back a US magazine rated it the best place in the world to retire. With this reputation we were curious to see what it had to offer. The town itself is small, consisting of only two main streets and square and a bunch of not very impressive shops - oh and a number of real estate agents. We explored the roads around the town climbing up into the mountains among the coffee plantations. The country side was beautiful and the weather balmy. We made the obligatory stop at a local coffee shop before returning to our camping spot. All in all a nice place but we don't see what the big attraction is. We did not put down any deposits on retirement villas!