Wednesday (Miercoles) 1st September, 2010
Day 537

Liberia, Costa Rica
Liberia,Costa Rica
Miles: 51,774
N 10.65760°
W 85.46970°

We spent some time at a mall this morning getting another months supply of our various medications. All without prescription and for about the same price to us as in the USA - but with no insurance company contribution!!

We spent the day on a two lane road, traveling through pleasant green country side. Nothing really spectacular, but nice.


El Delfin. This place is now a somewhat run down swimming pool and park with a few cabanas. It seems it was once a trailer park as there were remains of hookups in one of the grass fields. There was an on site caretaker who arranged an electrical hookup. Water and cold showers were available. We had read that a dump can also be arranged but we did not see one and did not ask as we did not need it.