Thursday (Jueves) 16th September, 2010
Day 552

Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Miles: 54,704
N 29.47193°
W 97.08185°

Boy is Texas flat. We traveled along the gulf coast today and much of the way the land was flat flat flat with no trees. We could see from one horizon to the other. From time to time the road got close enough to the coast for us to see the waters of the gulf. Nice beach side communities and some nice parks. Also some impressive bridges.

We dropped into the Johnson Space Center south east of Houston and took one of their tram tours of the facility. It must be low season as the enormous parking lot was basically empty. Our tour took us to the observation room at the old mission control room that was decommissioned in 1995, the crew training center that has mockups of shuttles and parts of the space stations, and finally to a mammoth building housing a Saturn V rocket. We have seen one of these before in Florida but were still impressed by the size. While walking around it, marveling at the size I kept thinking what the engineers in the early space program must have felt when they realized how big their launch vehicle was going to be.


Safari Motor Home Camp. It's really a trailer park but does have some spots for travelers.