Friday (Viernes) 17th September, 2010
Day 553

New Iberia, Louisianna
New Iberia, Louisianna
Miles: 54,963
N 29.97296°
W 91.84591°

The country today was still flat but now the highway is a corridor in the forest. We spent much of the day on I-10 so that traffic was much heavier than yesterday.

Late in the day we pulled into the small town of Saint Martinville, Louisianna and went to the Arcadian Memorial Museum. There we read about the Acradians, who later became knows as Cajuns. These where French speaking colonist who were expelled by the British from Novia Scotia in the mid 1700's. Why they picked the southern swamp land for their new home was not explained.

After our museum visit we happened to pass a Piggly Wiggly supermarket and could not resist a small shopping spree. We know from previous travels - when one sees a Piggy Wiggly one is definitely in the Southern United States.


KOC Campground. A nice place, with pool, large grass area, and modern hookups.