Thursday 23rd September, 2010
Day 559

Kissimee, Florida
Kissimee, Florida
Miles: 55,903
N 28.32523°
W 81.52048°

We went back to Harry Potter world for a few hours this morning. Nina wanted to visit some of the other exhibits and I spent my time riding the various roller coasters.

Mid morning we hopped over to the Universal Studios. This is the original Universal theme park and has a lot of rides and exhibits associated with movies. We visited the Lucille Ball exhibition, Terminator, MIB and a bunch of other movie themed amusements. Again pooped by 3:00 pm we found our way to our new (less expensive) campground.


We changed campgrounds. We found a deal at the local CampingWorld. For $40 we could become members of Camping Club of America which gives a 50% discount to members at selected camping grounds. But, when one reads the details of what camping grounds and when, it is very restrictive. However, it so happens that we are in the right place at the right time. We will stay the next 4 days at the Tropical Palms for $65 in contrast to $120 for 2 days at the KOA including their discount.