Sunday 26th September, 2010
Day 562

Kissimee, Florida
Kissimee, Florida
Miles: 55,973
N 28.32523°
W 81.52048°

I am cheating and combining three days into one entry.

Friday we had a rest day. It seems we are getting old and two days of walking around theme parks took their toll. We were both tired and needed just to potter around. Nothing of substance to report.

Saturday and Sunday we were back into the theme parks, this time Disney's. Saturday we split the day between Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studio, and Sunday was Animal Kingdom and The Magic Kingdom. Of the four we certainly enjoyed Animal Kingdom the most, the safari ride through what is effectively an African zoo was simply fabulous. We have learned on this trip that we like seeing animals.

The Disney parks had quite a different feel from those at Universal, much less frenetic and less about high adrenalin rides. On the negative side some of the Disney amusements, such as Carousal of Progress, and the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom are showing a 1950's view of the world and need to be updated.

The crowds at all the parks made for interesting people watching. I won't go into the question of excessive size except to say that the Orlando theme parks must have the greatest concentration of heavy people in the world.

We were surprised by the diversity and abundance of languages. At times it felt like Americans were in the minority with many people from Northern Europe, Britain, Eastern Europe and Asia in evidence. Spanish was such a common language that one could hear it everywhere and many of the amusements had announcements in Spanish as well as English.

We also observed that, there is no danger of the world running out of babies, there were baby strollers everywhere. In fact, so many of them, that near the amusements popular with young kids, there were areas set aside as stroller parking lots, and they were full.