Wednesday 29th September, 2010
Day 565

Waco, Georgia
Waco, Georgia
Miles: 56,719
N 33.70159°
W 85.19443°

We had been planning this visit for months. There are a number of things on our Tiger motor home that need fixing or freshening up after our journey, so this visit was to discuss with the Tiger folks what could be done.

We spent a pleasant 2-3 hours with Mark (the owner of the Tiger company) and his team, going over the list of items on our Tiger and looking at the changes that have been made in the more recent Tigers. Mark has really done a nice job of freshening up the product since I was last at the factory nearly 3 years ago. He also has some interesting plans for new vehicles (but I will let him give the details). Over the coming weeks we will finalize the work plan for our Tiger and then we will get to drive it back to South Carolina to have the work completed.

From there we headed west along I-20. During the afternoon we saw a few signs of the fall, just a few brown leaves scattered along the roadway.

We stopped for the night at an RV park called Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground. They had some pet rabbits that were running freely around the campground, a macaw, some sizable turtles, and a little pig that really wanted company. When ever we walked near her pen she wagged her tail and ran up to the fence. I could see how she would have made a friendly pet.


Yogi Bear Jelly Stone Campground