Friday 1st October, 2010
Day 567

Aux Arc Park Ozark, Arkansas
Aux Arc Park Ozark, Arkansas
Miles: 57,338
N 35.47878°
W 93.82401°

Today in some ways typified our entire journey, first make a plan and then do something completely different.

When we set out this morning our plan was to simply make some miles. But as we passed through Memphis (after about an hours driving) the conversation went something like:

Isn't Gracelands in Memphis? 
Yeh - actually there is a sign for it.
Let's go see it

The result we spent nearly 3 hours touring the famous mansion. It was interesting to see what a celebrities house looked like in the 60s and 70s.

Late in the afternoon, in Arkansas, we pulled off I-40 to find a nice state park called believe it or not Aux Arc Park. The camping area was above a dam and hydro electric plant on the banks of the lake. The place was full of people getting ready for a relaxing weekend.