Sunday 3rd October, 2010
Day 569

Water Canyon Near Socoro, New Mexico
Water Canyon Near Socoro, New Mexico
Miles: 58,247
N 34.02521°
W 107.13243°

We continued due west for much of the day to Albuquerque and then south to pickup highway 60.

Somewhere during the day it stopped being flat and mountains appeared. That was actually a welcomed change. The camping ground we had picked was a little south of highway 60 and we were on the lookout for the turn when we got hit by an amazing rain storm. The rain was tropical in intensity for about 30 seconds and then as we turned up our side road to the camping ground it simply ceased - or maybe we drove out of it.

In camp we met a couple of ladies from Seattle scouting out the area and a local cowboy type, complete with side arm (though it was an automatic pistol not a revolver). It's a good thing we have become somewhat accustomed to people wearing and carrying firearms.


Water Canyon. A nice little state camping area tucked into the mountains just off highway 60 near Socoro, New Mexico.