Wednesday 23rd March, 2011
Day 7

Fall River SP, Kansas
Fall River SP, KS
Miles: 77646
N 37.63258°
W 96.07518°

We spent the morning driving across Missouri to Nixa a township south of Springfield. This is the home base of an organization that builds high end custom expedition style motorhomes. We wanted to see some of their work up close and get an understanding of the range of vehicles they provide. We spent a very interesting hour or more with Mike Vanpelt, the owner and Dave Mezo the sales manager. We saw three vehicles under construction. One was a large two story motorhome based on a full size truck (you can see some of this on their website) - this is truly an awesome (and more than a little over the top) vehicle. There were also two Ford F550 based vehicles under construction. One of these (being built for a TV personality) has air bags and trailing arm suspension front and rear. All in all the work was very impressive. I was particularly taken by the level of the sophisticated engineering (both body and suspension) that the team has brought together in the relatively short time they have been in business.

A small and strange side note. While traveling across Missouri today we stopped at a number of highway Rest Areas, all of which provided toilets but no facilities to wash ones hands after using the toilets.!!

Maybe water is too expensive?


We stayed in the Whitehall Bay campground, a beautiful setting on the shores of Fall River Lake with a view of the dam. It took some persistence to finally get there. The turn off is at N37°37138' W96°01.751'. There after follow various signs for 8 miles.