Today was deliberately a much more relaxed day inorder to recover from yesterdays long walk in the heat. After a slow start we took a taxi to Gardens By the Bay where we spent a few hours exploring The Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. These are each large glass domes with internal conditions controlled to allow the growing of exotic plants.

The cloud forest consists of an artificial mountain covered in a vast variety of plants, and a number of artificial water falls. One views the plants by descending from the top of the mountain along a series of cat-walks.

In amongst the wealth of plants the Cloud Forest had a small display of Orchids from the Amazon.

The Flower Dome is another controlled enviroment that displays plants in a number of habitats ranging from lush tropical to semi-arid. Today there were a significant number of Japanese tourists to see the display of cherry blossoms.

In the parkland surrounding the two domes are a number of stands of structures that look like artificial trees called Supertree Grove. The supertrees are part of the cooling and exhaust system for the two domes, housing solar panels for collecting energy, and also collect rain water.

At the end of the afternoon we spent a relaxing hour or more sampling scones, jam, clotted cream and a variety of other delicacies as part of our High Tea experience.