Posts for August, 2019

Sheep shears (Cliff Head Campsite, Western Australia)

Journal entry for Thursday 1st Aug, 2019 (day 157, kms 230)

It finally dawned on us this morning that the countryside has changed over the past two days and we are now back in green country where there are wide farm fields of green and flowing water. The deserts and the dry salty coastal plains are no more. Unfortunately this change also signals that our adventure is winding down. to read the full post

Limestone blocks (Lancelin, Western Australia)

Journal entry for Friday 2nd Aug, 2019 (day 158, kms 224)

As we left our camping spot this morning we happened to see this Sea Eagle sitting atop a post. The scenic highight of today was a visit to The Pinnacles at Nambung National Park where one can walk and/or drive amongst these strange limestone blocks poking up out of the yellow sand. to read the full post

Last driving day (Freemantle, Western Australia)

Journal entry for Saturday 3rd Aug, 2019 (day 159, kms 151)

Today was the last driving day of this adventure. Tonight we camped in a caravan park in Freemantle just south of Perth City. We will be in this caravan park or a nearby hotel until Sunday 11th when the next short non-driving leg of this adventure starts. Our time in Freemantle will be mostly chores such as cleaning our faithful troopy and catching up on family business. But we do plan one sightseeing day while in this area and will report on that when it happens. to read the full post