The first photo below is a representation of a whales tail one of the many attractions to be found on the foreshore of the town of Esperance (I should note that Esperance is a popular whale watching spot). The next few are scenes from the nearby Kepwari Wetland Trail. The dead trees are a result of deforestation of the area which causes the water table to rise and along with it salt which kills salt intolerant trees. Thereafter the day became a perfect example of how a plan can go completely out the window. As we started the day we both expected to head towards a place called Balladonia on the Erye Highway but after about 30 km we suddenly decided to give that idea a miss and see if we could find the vehicle track to Alexander Bay where there was apparently a beachside campground. So that became the new plan.

Not long after our change of plan we noticed some really good examples of a plant we knew as either a kangaroo tail or (somewhat non-pc) black boy. We have since discovered (via the ever reliable google) that the plant is a Xanthorrhoea, also known as a Grass Tree or Balga Grass Plant. Regardless of its name we were delighted to find a few examples with the rich green sheath over the stalk as well as a few examples in the process of flowering.

Our day of discovering nature was completed when we encountered a bob tailed lizard crossing our path.

We found the campground at Alexander Bay without any problems. The only facility was a modern pit toilet and an information board. A number of the other campers seemed to have set up for an extended stay and we assumed from their gear that they were spending their days rock fishing.

The beach and the surrounding dunes gave us an opportuntiy to experiment with the handling of our vehicle on soft sand. I am pleased to report that we did not get stuck, though also we did not tempt fate.