A little north of Wycliffe Well is a collection of granite boulders known as THe Devils Marbles. We made a point of getting an early start so we would get to the marbles while the morning light was still shining on the boulders. It's quite an impressive collection of boulders in various states of errosion, including a few that have been split down the middle like they were cut with a knife.

Over the past few days one of the small features of the country side has been large fields of termite mounds, many of them amazingly close to the road. Today we made a point of getting a few photos of these unusual colonies.

We camped the night at Renner Springs Road House. The host Alan is quite a character and we had a long chat about all kinds of subjects, such as how a Darwin lawyer became a road house owner or the trials and tribulations of establishing a gold mine on aboriginal land. They have a sizeable lagoon, the water is provided by a traditional Australian windmill.