Back in 1984 when the movie was made from the novel "We of the Never Never", a replica of the Elsey homestead building was constructed as a set for many of the scenes in the movie. This morning we visited that replica.

The red dirt structures are termite mounds and they are lining the entrance road to the Bitter Springs campground. These things cover the country side in random clumps, even in places being built on the paved road surface.

We passed another milestone today, we reached the city of Katherine. Katherine is the second largest city in the Northern Territory with a population of around 50,000. Since leaving Alice Springs we have travelled over 1200 km (750 miles) and have passed through only one community (Tenant Creek, population 5000 approx) with a population of over 100-150.

We camped the night at Pine Creek, a very small town just off the highway which surprisingly had 3 campgrounds. We chose the Lazy Lizard Tourist Park. Nice place with gas station, pub and restaurant.

Over night we saw a large flock of very active fruit bats feed in the nearby fig and palm trees. They moved too fast for photos.