Today we are at Litchfield National Park, about 130 km SSW from Darwin. One of the early "photo ops" in Litchfield is a (or some) very large Cathedral Termite Mound, and they are impressive but mounds of a more modest size are everywhere in this country so they are only of passing interest. What Litchfield is really about is water and the ability to swim in it. During the wet season the entire country side floods to a depth of meters and areas like Litchfield (large raised plateaus of rock) act like a sponge and absorb vast quantities of the wet season water. Once the dry season starts the sponge starts to disgorge that water and many rivers are created. Litchfield is one such outcropping and the outflowing water has created a number of nice waterfalls with large pools at the bottom of the base. These pools, the falls, and the rivers/streams that feed the falls make great swimming holes. Of course only after the rangers have checked them to ensure there are no crocodiles hanging about.

We camped the night a Florence Falls 2WD Camping Ground. Flush toilets and hot showers (solar hot water) but no other facilities. The place was pretty busy with a good mix of Australians in their own vehicles and campers and foreigners in rentals cars and motorhomes.

The weather was hot with day time temps around 95°F, nights in the low 70°s and humidity about 90%. So the swimming was very welcome but the night was a bit uncomfortable. The modest supply of mosquitoes did not help.