We spent most of the day cruising Lake Argyle. The cruise started at 11:30 and did not finish until 5:30 about 30 minutes after sunset. In terms of what we saw; rock wallabies clnging to the red cliffs, archer fish bombarding our hands to get the bread we were holding, lots of birds, and a few fresh water crocodiles. The cruise was topped off with a swim at sunset and the novel experience of trying to drink champagne while swimming.

Lake Argyle is fed by three rivers, The Ord, the Bow and the Behn Rivers. These three rivers have very high volume flow during the wet season but turn into dry rivers with isolated water holes during the dry season. The basic idea of lake Argyle is to capture water during the wet season and release it gradually during the dry to support agriculture. The lake typically ranges in area between 750 sq Km and 950 Sq kms but during wet season flood can be as large as 2000 sq km. The dam which holds back the lake water is located close to Lake Argyle resort and releases water into the down stream channel of the Ord river. That outflow is used for hydro power generation and for irrigation for downstream farming. The nearby Argyle Diamond Mine benefits from both the water and electricioty from the lake.

One of the key statistic for Australians is that the lake holds as much water as 21 Sydney Harbors.