We were up well before sunrise this morning as we had decided to undertake the Jarnem Loop hike and all the advice we had read suggested getting to the lookout for the sunrise. Well we did not quite manage a sunrise at the lookout but we did get some photos of the rising suns rays on the sandstobe cliffs. Towards the end of the loop we came to Nigli Gap; a series of cliffs which show signs of aboriginal habitation.

The windmill and cow are at Cockatoo Lagoon a permenant waterhole.

From Keep River we turned west and had the pleasure of passing through the Western Australian quarantine station for the second time in a week. We had nothing to declare this time as they got all of our prohibited food stuffs last time.

The town of Kununurra is only about 30km west of the border and we planned on stopping there to get supplies as we do not expect to see another supermarket or sizeable town for maybe as long as 12 days after today. Despite it being a Sunday, with most shops closed, the towns two supermarkets were open and doing a brisk trade with tourists. Why the brisk trade? Well the quarantine station took all fruit and vegetables from any west bound tourist, and Kununurra is the eastern end of the Gibb River Road that ends at Derby Western Australia and which for us will be 1250km away on mostly rough dirt roads.

We spent the night at Hidden Valley Caravan Park which is at the entrance to Mirima National Park.