Before getting underway this morning we took a few photos around our campground, and around the town of Kununurra. In particular we wanted to demonstrate the relative lushness of the area as the Ord River Valley around Kununurra is the region that is irrigated by the water released from Lake Argyle.

Our destination for today is the outback resort of El Questro which is a very high end resort with rooms costing over A$2000 per night. But fortunately for budget shoppers like us also provides camping for A$20 per person. The resort is also a working cattle station and in total covers 1,000,000 acres. In addition to accommodation the resort offers all kinds of air, land and water tours and has a number of attraction within its borders. We plan on spending two nights in order to see some of those attractions.

The other significance of El Questro is that the entracnce to the property is about 40km west of the start of the Gibb River Road and is the point at which the sealed road ends.

May I draw your attention to the sign in the second to last photo; we were a bit amazed that such a high-end resort as El Questro would put up with a sign with such poor English expression; really For your safety take the following with you - Dangerous Animals.