This morning we spent our time attending the Dolpin Feeding Experience, the reason we came to this place. Each morning starting at about 8:15 the rangers invite guests to stand on the beach front and watch a feeding "experience". After about 15 minutes during which one of the rangers does a monologue about the dolphins of the area a small number of members of the audience are invited to feed the dolphins with fish provided by the rangers. Each dolphin is limited to three fish at each experience. So this morning only three guests got to feed a dolpin as there was only one adult dolphin lining up for food. The "experience" is repeated 2 more times if the dolphins show interest.

After the dolphin experiences we packed up and headed back towards the Coastal Highway. Along the way we decided to stop once more at Shell Beach, as you can read in the link, this is a beach composed entirely of shells. In days past blocks of compacted shell cut from the beach was used as building material.

Today the beach provided us with a very wierd sight, a catapillar train.

We spent the night at another of the many 24 hour rest areas along the Coastal Highway, and like some of the others this one was packed with elderly Australians traveling in caravans. It was quite a small area yet we counted over 50 rigs parked for the night.