Today was the last driving day of this adventure. Tonight we camped in a caravan park in Freemantle just south of Perth City. We will be in this caravan park or a nearby hotel until Sunday 11th when the next short non-driving leg of this adventure starts. Our time in Freemantle will be mostly chores such as cleaning our faithful troopy and catching up on family business. But we do plan one sightseeing day while in this area and will report on that when it happens.

On our way into Freemantle this morning we made one last "tourist" stop, Yanchep National Park. This park has a small colony of Koala which is perhaps its main attraction, though it is a very pleasant place for a picnic with a nice lake lovely trees and nice walking paths. More of a country garden than a wilderness park. But it is very close to Perth so provides a nice recreational facility for city dwellers.

We are in a 2 bed room cabin at Woodman Point Caravan Park.

We would discover that the cabin was a good choice as over our first few days in Freemantle we had consistent heavy rain and would not have enjoyed trying to get by in a tent. The bouts of heavy rain underscored for us how lucky we have been with good weather for our adventure, apart from Freemantle we had only 3-4 wet nights on the entire journey and those were light rain not the tropical downpours of our time in Freemantle.