We have had a hectic week in Phoenix, catching up on family matters, maintenance on the Tiger and emails/phone contact with Norm so that he could arrange insurance and shipping for the trip into central and south america.

The Tiger maintenance and collection of spares was an expensive exercise, two new tires, balance all four wheels, check the wheel bearings, new brake pads all round, new rotors up front, new serpentine belt, engine oil and filter change, transmission fluid change, new fuel filter, and flush the cooling system. Two spare oil filters, spare fuel filter, 2 sets of wiper blades, and spare rear wheel bearings set. Boy that's a long list.

All of this was done by Carl and his team at the Firestone Service on Baseline Rd in Tempe in the space of seven hours. Thanks Carl.

Phoenix was hot, but not full summer hot, we slept a few nights in the parking lot of Richard's apartment block and a few nights at a campground at Apache Trail west of Phoenix. We used the A/C during the day when we were in the Tiger but the night time temps dropped enough to sleep without A/C. Phoenix is surprisingly nice, for such a large metropolis, with landscaped freeways and parks. I guess over the next few years we will see a lot more of it.