Today we were simply heading south, trying to cover some miles. More desert scenery.

After stopping for the day at a beach side pullout we watched a couple of locals harvesting sea weed and leaving it on the beach front to dry.

As the sun sank in the west I realized that while we had camped near beaches a number of times since norther Peru we had not often actually seen the sun set into the ocean because most afternoons a grey sea fog rolls in to obscure the sunset.

We saw lots of potential camping spots today. From the Tal Tal access road there is a turn off and paved road to Cifuncho which is described in the guide book as a fishing camp and in fact is a small village. There is plenty of primitive beach camping there.

Further south there is a good quality dirt access to Parque Nacional Pan de Azucar. Pan de Azucar has a small village and a couple of formal camping grounds. South of the town, on the way back to the Panamericana, there are other beaches with places to pull off for primitive camping.

Since we wanted to get a few more miles done we continued south eventually stopping at one of the many beach side primitive camping spots next to the Panamericana.