A milestone again today - over the 30th parallel.

This morning back to La Serena and the Panamericana Highway to be reminded that in South America nothing is open on a Sunday. Thereafter an uneventful day covering miles, south down the Panam.

The further south we get in Chile the more the place feels like traveling in Australia or the US. The road is a four lane limited access highway (with US$5 tolls about every 50 miles). There are signs for commercial campgrounds frequently (though they are really for tents not motor homes) and the entire coast line now seems to be for sale either in the form of land (parcels) or apartments.

Just south of the town of Los Villos, along a dirt track from the center of town is a broad open head land with lots of tracks. We parked on the escarpment edge with a fine view of the ocean and lots of sea gulls as neighbors.