Today was going to be another day of chores. First stop an organization named SALFA (the local Chevy dealer). We found one of their outlets near where we spent the night but it turned out only to be a sales office for very large Mack trucks. They sent us into the heart of the city to there light vehicle sales and service office. To cut a long story short, the Chevy people checked the brakes for us (did not need any work) but could not replace the shock absorbers as they did not have replacement parts. However they drove us to a local workshop that dealt in aftermarket parts and they were able to fit 4 new shocks. Mind you this took all day. But the tiger feels a lot better with the repairs.

While the Tiger was worked on we went shopping for a new Chile map for our GPS and insurance for our trip into Argentina. We got the map but not the insurance.

We are on Highway 68 again tonight, but this time at a Copec station. The wifi seems better and they have hot showers for 500 pesos.