This morning we discovered that we left one set of keys at the workshop that replaced the shocks. What a drag - we had to drive all the way back into central Santiago to get them.

But as luck would have it, while we were trying to navigate our way out of the city we found a parking lot that we could just squeeze into. That allowed us to spend most of the day without the Tiger and travel around the city by metro. It's quite a good system and not expensive.

After out day in the city we stopped at one of the malls on highway 70 (the ring route that circles Santiago) and had dinner at a Bariloche restaurant. It's the first time in ages that we have splurged on dinner and it was good!!. We had quite a chat to some of the guys in the place - guys thanks for the dinner and hospitality.

Parking lot in Santiago that will hold a moderate sized expedition vehicle. No height restriction but anything much over 7.4m length or 2.4m width (the length and width of our Tiger) will be too big. S 33° 26.372' W 70° 39.670.