After a slow start, partly caused by me wandering off to an internet cafe without telling Nina where I was, we headed off looking for a minor road that would (we hope) circumnavigate Volcan Villarrica and lead us to Laguna Lican Ray the next lake south. The scenery was lush pastures, fine stands of evergreens and crystal clear rivers and a few minor water falls. The road turned out to be a little rough and gave us a chance to experience the positive effect of new shock absorbers. We even got to take the Tiger on some real 4x4 road - but only a little way. We could not complete the traverse to Lican Ray as the road became impassable to a vehicle as big as the Tiger. So we retraced our steps back to Villarrica and took the opportunity to do some chores, washing clothes, and washing the Tiger.

Then we drove by a more substantial road to Lican Ray and our camping ground for the night.

Today we saw a number of tourists in camper vehicles: 3 French, 1 British, 2 Germans. A sure sign that we are into one of the more scenic parts of the continent and closer to the port that Europeans ship to, when they come with a vehicle - Buenos Aires

Camping Estrada - a lake front camp ground. A little east of the town of Lican Ray. Has water, electricy, and promises hot showers at certain times of the day - but we have not seen the hot water yet. A little run down but the location is wonderful.