We set out from the campground today to explore west along the lake shore with the intension of eventually stopping in Bariloche to look around. Oh how plans can change. We drove past a number of scenic lakes and called into the famous hotel LLao LLao just to have a look at the place. It's really grand, with a great location on a hill with commanding views of lakes and mountains. While having coffee and chocolate in one of the restaurants we asked ourselves- why not stay here for a night?. Within 10 minutes we had a room.

The remainder of the day passed skyping family, using the pool and generally enjoying the facilities of a 5 star hotel. Oh the price US$320 per night (once taxes were added). Thats the budget room the presidential suite is $2200 per night before taxes.

In the afternoon we walked through one of the local forests to see the Arrayan tree. We are still having trouble with the pronunciation - something like arrrrashahn. While we are on the topic of pronunciation - the hotels name is jow jow (like in cow) or show show (like in shower) where as the spanish text books would have it yow yow. Confused? So are we.

Hotel Llao Llao near Bariloche - you can't miss it. A very nice and very expensive place.