We used up all of our minutes at the hotel this morning leaving right on check out time of 11:30 making the most of hot showers, a sumptuous buffet breakfast, and that last click on the internet.

We travelled south along highway 40 to El Bolson, a town described by the Lonely Planet as a hippie town. Along the way we gave a group of three young women from Austria a ride for 30-40 kms. They are couch surfing around South America. If the term is new to you look it up on the internet, you will be surprised.

The drive was picturesque, evergreen forests, jagged mountains, and more fast flowing and clear streams all around. Really wonderful countryside. But, the weather is cool and windy.

When we arrived in El Bolson the street market for which it is known was well on the way to being closed with only a few stalls still showing merchandise. The goods were typical of an alternative lifestyle rather than a local indigenous group and the merchants did look like escapees from a 1960's commune. We reminisced about the markets in Otavallo, Ecuador. Not withstanding these comments it is a nice looking town.

We spent some time in the campground this afternoon trying to capture a good image of some of the long beaked birds feeding on worms in the grass.

Camping Refugio Patagonico a camping ground and hostel close to town. Good modern showers and toilets, no electricity for the vehicle. They were a bit difficult about where we could park - not on the grass; even though other campers were parked on the grass. The result, we basically camped in a parking lot.