We got off to a bad start today. On the exit from our hotel parking place we had to go through a narrow gate. The gate posts were about 3 inches wider than the Tiger. But the driveway was not level so part way through the gate the Tiger tilted and bumped into the left hand post causing some damage to the house body and damaging the plastic panel where we put in fuel.

From Bariloche we headed west to Chile. The drive along the northern end of the lake and then through the mountains to the border crossing was beautiful, but today somewhat obscured by rain and low cloud.

The border crossings were uneventful.

On the Chilean side we drove to the town of Entre Lagos to buy some food, we had none in preparation for the border, and then found a local camping ground.

We stayed at a camping ground about 7 kms east of Ente Lagos called El Manzano. It is right on the lake, has toilets, hot showers, and electricity. Camping under trees, the place is a little run down, but quiet.

At the Argentine exit we first encountered a checkpoint booth where the officer looked at our vehicle papers and then gave us some forms to fill in, and a paper with our vehicle number and passenger count on it. We drove about 1 km down the road to a large building that sits astride the highway and cannot be missed. Here we filled out the forms previously obtained, and lined up for immigration and then customs. Another km up the road another checkpoint took one of the papers, and handed us two Chilean customs forms, and then we were on our way. That's all.

The Chilean station is about 50 kms further up the highway. Here again we first encountered a check point with a toll booth style building, The officer again looked at our vehicle papers and gave us a slip of paper with the vehicle license plate and passenger count on it. A further 300m on was a large building astride the road and signs in English telling travelers the procedure.

  • Step 1. Inside the building at window labeled Step 1 was a Police check and immigration processing. We needed to fill in some forms which the officer gave us.

  • Step 2. Still inside the building at window labelled Step 2 was Customs and vehicle paper work. Again we got forms to fill in from the officer at the window.

  • Step 3 Happens outside. Two inspections or at least two inspectors searched the vehicle and took some of our food. We had prepared for this by emptying the fridge and pantry over the previous few days.