We joined up with the Panam Highway at Orsono late this morning and followed it south with a small side trip to explore the town of Fruitilla, then around a peninsula (jutting from the west into Lago LLanquihue), and back to the Panam. The drive was pleasant through nice green country side. The weather was cold, grey and wet - not really encouraging for getting out and seeing things.

We bypassed the city of Puerto Montt somewhat by accident. At a toll both we got into the lane that continued on the Panam to the Chiloe ferry dock at Pargua. This was the road we wanted and needed but it was another case of good luck rather than good management.

There was no wait at the ferry, we simply joined the line behind a number of trucks and within minutes we were boarding. The ferry ride was a little bumpy and bleak with strong winds, more grey skies, and occasional rain, but by the time we reached Ancud 27km from the ferry disembarkation it was raining hard and all we wanted to do was to curl up in our snug little motor home. But before that we had to fit into our camping spot. The man at the campground picked a nice sheltered spot for us, surrounded by vegetation, with its own little wind/rain shelter. But - it was only a couple of feet wider that the Tiger is long, so getting in required some tight maneuvering and left us with the Tiger pushed up against the bushes at both ends - this made going to the bathroom a wet experience as one had to push between the Tiger and the wet bushes to get passed.

Camping Arena Greusa on the bluff above the town with great views of the straight, and somewhat exposed to the weather. We were the only campers last night. There are a number of camp sites each fenced with vegetation, electricity, a small wind/rain shelter for each site, clean toilets and hot showers.