The end of today brought us to the town of Quellon and a big milestone; the end of the Panamerican Highway. It runs 29,000 miles (though different versions of the route are different lengths see - Pan American Highway) from Prudhoe Bay or Fairbanks Alaska to Quellon. Chile and is called Ruta-5 along much of its length. Now we can't claim to have driven the entire Panamerican as often we have travelled by lesser side roads, but we have certainly travelled the distance.

The day started with some sunshine in Castro, a town famous for its waterfront houses called Palafitos that have their back side out over the water suspended on posts. We got a few nice photos.

From Castro we retraced our steps a few Km north and then east to take a ferry to a small Island and the town of Achao, for more churches and some lovely rural and coastal scenery.

After the return ferry ride and a few kms south on the Panam we detoured west to a national park and the hamlet of Cucao. The road travelled along a spectacular lake and ended in a very wild and desolate beach, though even here there was a bus service along the rough beach road.

Quellon turned out to be a modest sized marine town with a picturesque harbor with a myriad of different types of boats sitting on the mud flats. We had some nice afternoon sunshine that from our camp ground gave us a nice view of the town and harbor.

Camping Paico's. A nice grassed campground around the peninsula from the town of Quellon with good views of the town and harbor. No electricty that we could plug into, water, toilets and hot showers at selected times of the day.