Another beautiful summers day started with a quick stop at the Last Spike Memorial (celebrating the completion of the Trans-Canada railway 1885) and showed the town of Revelstoke to perfection.

Our plan to make today more of a tourist day however got off to a bad start, the tourist information center in Revelstoke was closed, the Revelstoke Dam (an apparently interesting and picturesque stop) was closed and the road to the summit of Mount Revelstoke (the Meadows in the Sky Parkway) was still closed due to snow.

However not deterred by these small set backs we pushed on with our plan. We completed three short nature trails (Skunk Cabbage Trail, The Giant Cedars Trail, Hemlock Grove Trails) and finished off this arduous program with a dip in the hot pools of Albert Canyon Hot Springs.

Our yellow vehicle continues to attract much attention and today introduced us to two Chinese men (one living in Texas) with 6 cameras between them. We also introduced ourselves to a Russian couple who were driving a car with the license plate Siberia - I am afraid I could not resist.

On a mechanical note, on two occasions now the Mog has leaked coolant when we have stopped. I think today I finally worked out that this only happens if I stop the engine soon after a climb that has the engine working hard. Going forward I will let the engine temperature drop back to low-normal before shutting down.