Antelope Canyon can only be visited as part of a tour. This is partly a restriction imposed by the local Navajos who I am sure want to get revenue from visitors to the Canyon. But it is also a safety precaution as the Canyons are prone to flash flooding from distant rain falls. For example in 1997 11 visitors died when the Canyon suddenly flooded.

Our visit required a 3 mile trip to and from the Mouth of the Upper Canyon in the back of an old pickup truck along a sandy stream bed. We were one of many trucks making this trip so we knew we would have lots of company in the canyon itself.

Our visit to the Canyon while very crowded was certainly worth while. They are an interesting and picturesque natural feature that is truly worth the effort, and with putting up with the commercialism that surrounds them. As for a more detailed description, I will leave that to the few photos that remain out of the hundreds of attempts we made. Surffice it to say good photography is difficult in a dark cave.